Introduction to Internet Domains

Peter Don't you ever wonder where a certain computer host is located, when you are surfing through the web? I mean: If you see a certain URL, don't you ever wonder to which country the domain you are accessing at that moment - the host - belongs and is located?

On this pages you can find some answers for that question. You will find a list of 2 character country codes. The same codes are used on the internet.

Click here to jump to the world map, so that you can select an area to learn about its countries and their country codes.

Here is an example: If you see this address:

or something like this:

you are able to know that both adresses are located in the Netherlands, since .nl stands for The Netherlands.

This is the syntax for an email adress:


This is the syntax for a HTTP URL:


For most internet adresses this is the syntax:


Most domain names are equal to the country codes. There are a few exceptions, which I will mention here:

Click on the map below to see the country codes in a certain area.

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Internet Domains

Map of the World

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