My name is Peter Troon and I am pleased that you visited my site. This website provides information on many subjects. This is not a site just about me. The Petwa site is more about me and my interests and this page is meant to provide more general subjects. The Petwa site inherits its name from the fact that some people know me as Petwa, a nickname that was given to me several years ago.

As I mentioned earlier, my last name is Troon. Troon is the Dutch word for Throne. As you might know the throne is the king's or a queen's seat or chair. Troon is also the name of a town in Scotland, UK. It's unclear to me where my family got it's name from, but at least the meaning of my last name is known. Please come back and visit this URL on a regular basis to find out how the information on this site increases.

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Additional Information

This page is just a portal to my other pages, so please be kind to follow the links on this page to read more information. Lots of information can be found by following my links. You can read about my native country Suriname, Music, Internet DomainNames, Michael Jackson and myself amongst others. The Troon.EU site is an extension to this site. My resume and some pictures of mine are online as well. A page with links to other people's homepages is also available. Almost all of my pages are written in English, to make them accessible to a larger group of people. But for dutch people, a dutch version of some of my pages also is available. See below:

Nederlands / Dutch

Let op: Er is ook een Nederlandstalige versie van deze site beschikbaar.

Many of the pages of this site are also available in Dutch for people who are familiar with the Dutch language (and not with English). Some information on this site is only interesting or applicable for people living in the Netherlands. Because of that reason many of the pages containing that kind of information are only available in Dutch.

Republic of Suriname

Suriname is a small nice country on the northern coast of South America. It is near the Carribbean. A big part of this site is dedicated to this beautiful country. If you're curious about Suriname and want to read more about this country or if you're just looking for some information, please visit the Suriname Pages on this site. The SuriPics site contains additional pictures taken in Suriname.


It is no secret that the person who maintains this site is a Roman Catholic and thus believes in God. He goes to church every week and does a lot for his parish church. One of the things Peter has worked for a long time now is a website for his parish, that is called Lucas Parochie Amsterdam. Note that this site only is available in Dutch. But even if you don't understand Dutch you should take a look at this site to get an impression.

E.P. Troon - Semil

On Tuesday February 21st 2006 my mother passed away in Amsterdam, the Netherlands around 15.00 hrs local time. She had to leave this world after being ill for a long time. I felt really power-less, but I decided to dedicate the Semil.NET Page to her. This page will expand to a complete website about her and her life. My mother still lives through me and in my heart and mind. As her child I have a lot to thank her for. Through this site she will still be with us in a way. For the moment the page only is available in Dutch, but English pages will be added when expanding the website.

F.F.J. Troon

On Sunday May 9th 2010 my father passed away in Paramaribo, the capital of the Republic of Suriname around 12.45 hrs local time. That's 17.45 hrs CET (time in Amsterdam, the Netherlands). His death was sudden and unexpected. I decided to dedicated the Ferdinand Troon Page to him. I feel that I have to do something so that the "legacy" he left behind is not forgotten. My father never bragged, so we won't do that on this site. I just want to say that he did a lot for the Republic of Suriname. He helped many people in various ways. No further details are necessary. He didn't do it to earn credits and the persons that he helped already know about the help he gave to them.

Troon Family

The Troon family of which Peter Troon is a member is a family of which most members live in the Republic of Suriname and in the Netherlands. An additional Troon Family Site is available with more specific information regarding Peter's family. Note that this site gives some generic information about the family Troon. Try to contact the author of this site if you need to know more. It's a fact that there are also persons with the last name Troon in New Zealand, but those persons are not related to the Troon described on these pages.

Programmers and Developers

The author of this site is a computer programmer and also a (web) developer. Some of the pages on this site have to do with computer and internet related things, such as the section about Internet Domain Names. A special section for developers and programmers is also available. Information and links about several subjects such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, XML and more is included in that section. A small Java program written by Peter can also be found between those pages. Note that your browser needs to be able to execute Java programs in order to be able to display the page behind the link above properly.

External Links

On the internet are many interesting sites about several interesting subjects. A small collection of sites can be found on the external links page. This page includes exchanged links. Contact the author of this site if you have an interesting site that should be added to this page or if you find a dead link.

Nederlandse Versie

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Note: This page is available since friday january 28th 2000 and is part of the Peter Troon Site.