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I was born in Suriname. The Republic of Suriname is a country in South America. Since Suriname is in the tropics and the aim of this page is to contribute to provide information about this beautiful country this page was placed in "The Tropics Neighbourhood" at Geocities. So many people know so little about this beautiful country in South America and that's the reason that I had to add some information about the Republic of Suriname to the internet. Fortunately I am not the only one who thinks that more information about Suriname should be available and of course I don't have all information about this country. I made this page with links to other pages about Suriname. You can visit these other pages, but don't forget to return to my homepage.....


Map of Suriname S u r i n a m e

Suriname is a small country in South America. It has a population of 487,000. Dutch is the official spoken language in Suriname, because Suriname was a colony of the Netherlands and became independent on Tuesday November 25, 1975. Since that day Suriname is a republic. Suriname has a surface of 163,820 square kilometres, that would be like 63,775 square miles. Surinam borders on Brazil in the south. West of Suriname is a country called Guyana. East of Suriname lies French Guyana, which still is a colony of France. To the north of Suriname is the big Atlantic Ocean. Suriname is on the northern hemisphere of our globe.

Suriname has a large history and one should know about it. That's why I decided, that it was my duty to add some information about this wonderful country on the net. Because of that reason you can access my Suriname Site now. I also made an index of my Suriname Pages and a page with links about Suriname. I am a religious person and I made this prayer available on my site.

Index Suriname

Domineestraat in Paramaribo P a r a m a r i b o

Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname. There about 200,000 people living there. The picture next to this text was taken in Paramaribo. It is one of the streets in the center of the city. Of course I have been in this street. As you can see there aren't a lot people in the streets. But that is because there aren't a lot people living there. Paramaribo has a mixed population. All kinds of people live there. It is so beautiful to see, that all those people can get along. Ofcourse not always.... that's life..... People must make trouble from time to time..... unfortunately we cannot change that yet..... I mean: we don't live in a perfect world.....

Since Suriname is in the tropical area of the world, Suriname most of the time has a nice climate. Suriname isn't that far of Florida, United States, so the weather can be compared with that area. Sometimes it can be very hot though. Suriname has rainy and dry seasons. Since Suriname is near the equator, the Sun is in it's top at noon. The sun comes up at 6 a.m. and goes down at 6 p.m. In the afternoon it can be very hot in Paramaribo. That's why offices and schools open very early in the morning and close in the early afternoon. It is too hot to work in the afternoon.... The climate makes it impossible to work and that's why one relaxes in the afternoon......

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