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My name is Peter Troon. I'd like to thank you for visiting my site. This page is part of the Peter Troon site. Don't think that this just is one of those uninteresting pages, because many things can be read on my pages. I have information about my native country, music, Michael Jackson, internet domain names, about myself, my own Troon.ORG domain and my personal music top ten. Please click on this link to continue. A survey of my pages is also available. Enjoy your stay....

Flag of Suriname I was born in the beautiful country called Suriname. A large part of my site is dedicated to my native country. So many people know so little about the Republic of Suriname. You can learn more about that country by reading my Suriname pages. Since I can't provide all information, I've made links to other pages which also contain information about Suriname. You are free to visit them, but please don't forget to return to my site.

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