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I recently graduated in Computer Science. During my training at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam I learned a lot. For several courses I took at our school department I was required to make a homepage. I decided to publish some of these pages, because they contain valuable information or as an example for a site.
The first page is about Internet Domain Names. There is a convention in the naming of hosts and sites within the internet. Many internet host names end with their country code. If you know which acronym belongs to which country you can easily find out in which country the machine you are accessing at a certain moment is located.
The second page is a page created for a course Client-Server and Middleware. This page explains what middleware is. Examples as Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) are mentioned. Self-made presentations are also available for viewing.
The EduSoft homepage is a test page for a non-existing company. The assignment was to build a web site for this company using the point of view of Human Computer Interaction. I did this assignment with two other students: Mike and Brian. The layout and the use of colours were very important issues in the design of this site. Because it uses many images it might take a while before the site is loaded into your browser. Please be patient...
One of the school courses I took was a training for job interviews. One of the assignments for this course was to create a resume. My resume gives an overview of the courses I've taken. You also can learn more about the person that I am and ofcourse my skills.

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